This place is the best little secret in Westchester County, New York. If, you like quint, you’ll love this place, its like being in a New York City setting, the food is fresh, they have a sushi bar, they have excellent wonton soup, egg drop soup, Moo Shu, Pad Thai Noodle, egg rolls, fried rice, chicken, seafood, was so delicious. They cater to people with food allergies, and they DO NOT USE MSG! The desert was interesting we had fried vanilla ice cream, and we also had strawberry ice cream, watermelon, they kept bringing us so much delicious food, the portions are huge and the Quality is “Excellent.” The Asian family that owes this place are wonderful people. I love this restaurant it’s my favorite. I am an expert at eating with chopsticks, I’ve been eating with chopsticks since I was 12 years old. I am extremely fussy when it comes to my Chinese Food. Great Food, Great Prices, you’ll love it!
The Westchester News

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